Travel insurance in Malaysia

Due to several queries regarding travel insurance and the differences of those offered by different companies, I'd like to do a brief comparison to simplify things. At the end of this post, you will know if price and value is correlated or not (for travel insurance in Malaysia). That simply means, cheaper insurance will have less coverage and vice versa. Is it true ?

For this topic, travel insurance for Malaysians means that the insurance offered will only be valid if your journey begins in Malaysia. It can be bought everytime you plan to travel (single trip) or yearly (if you travel a lot). The next important information needed is the area of travel. Different areas ie. South East Asia, All but Asia or Local trip will have different rates. It is important to select the area that you intend to travel, and not just choosing the cheapest rate because the insurance will be void if you cheat here (obviously). So, just be transparent.

After that, you will have to state the date/period…

CovernetLite our online portal that will make things easier!

Hello from all of us!

We at Covernet General Enterprise recently decided to venture into our own online platform to make things more convenient for everyone. In a few weeks time, you will be able to purchase insurance from our website ( For a start, we will only offer 3 products:

1. Motor Insurance
2. Travel Insurance
3. Pets Insurance

In making this happen, we would like to thank everyone involved especially our customers who trusted us for all these years and to MSIG our insurance principal and underwriter for our online platform. Without them, this would not have materialised.

Our future posts will touch on related matters on insurance and the insurance industry in Malaysia. Follow us on Facebook or bookmark this blog to stay updated!

Thank you and Happy Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog!